Emperor's Silk

This a bright, pure red we also call Red Beret. It is reminiscent of  the red silk lining of a fine jacket, and with that in mind, we love to use it to line the interiors of cupboards, cabinets and drawers.

Parisian Desk

The interior of this old desk inspired by Paris and French couture design, has been painted with Emperor's Silk and the outside of the desk is Old Violet.
Taken from 'Creating the French Look'.



A splash of  Emperor's Silk is just what's needed to add some spice to neutral walls. It adds life and soul to a room, winter or summer ,and a little can go a long way. This large built in cupboard was painted with the red and waxed with dark and clear wax to give a variagated patina.

ADD WHITE- to make 'Frangipani'
Add equal parts of Old White and Emperor's Silk to make a bright strong exotic flowery pink with a zing!  Its unofficially called it FRANGIPANI!
ADD MORE WHITE- to make 'Malacca'
Add 3 parts of Emperor's Silk to 1 part of Old White to make a pink I call MALACCA because it reminds me of the pinks prevalent in Indonesia.
Colour combinations
Graphite over Emperor's Silk allows the red to glow through and is an easy way to give a paint project an exotic eastern look.

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