Creative Painting: Marbling


Class Date: Friday, April 10th, 9:30am to 6pm

Cost: $250.00                                                   


*Class fee is non-refundable and must be paid in full

before the posted class date.


Class Curriculum


Each student will learn the basics of the English style of marbling. Steve will teach each student all of the elements, step by step, in the process of the artform. Each student will complete samples to share with friends and clients.

Below is a breakdown of what will be covered in the class:

·        History of woodgraining and marbling

·       Color theory for woodgrains and marbles

·       Use of specialized tools from England

·       Theory of layering colors as it pertains to wood and marble

·       How to break down wood and marbles for replication process

·       Reducing and eliminating MOA’S (method of applications)

·       Isolation coats, what are they and when to use them

·       Glazes, what works best for you

·       Spraying artwork where applicable

·       Woodgraining and marbling terms

Note: Each student will finish 4 samples of wood or marble for each class at a minimum. Possible bonus boards (finishes) will be trained if time permits.

Each student will receive a recipe workbook for notes

All tools used will be available for purchase from Robyn Story Designs

- Breakfast and Lunch Provided

- Local Accomodations Available!  For details, contact us at 813-931-9307 or email us at for details












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