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The "Studio-At-Large"



The Studio-At-Large at Robyn Story Designs is a multi-purpose studio featuring guest instructors presenting workshops on many different artistic disciplines.  Our goal is to help share the talents of many great artists from all over the country with our friends and valued customers!  These classes will be casual, comfortable, and will be geared towards students with a wide variety and level of creative skills.  From novice to expert, we're confident you'll find just the right one for you!



We are currently scheduling  some exciting artists and workshops for the future so keep checking back for more oppotunities to learn a new craft!





Are You An Artist With A Unique Talent??  How About An Instructor??

We're looking for artists and instructors who want to share their passion and talents at the Studio-At-Large!

If you are interested, please contact Robyn Story Designs at:


or email us at

We Would Love To Hear From You!





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